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Trenabol – anabolic and androgenic steroid from the British Dragon Company, used for muscle recruitment and performance enhancement. Trenbolone Acetate is the 'fast' trenbolone ether, with a short half-life. Accordingly, there is a need for frequent injections. The drug has a high anabolic effect (500% testosterone), but at the same time it is often accompanied by the appearance of side effects (androgenic activity – 400%) when taking it. Do not aromatize trenbolone.

How to take

The Trenabol course is not recommended for beginners: the drug is strong enough and therefore not suitable for first-class AAC. Pronounced suppression of testosterone secretion requires the sharing of gonadotropin (500-1000 IU). The duration of Trenbolone from British Dragon varies between 5-6 weeks, the dosage – 50-100 milligrams per day, injections are performed daily. FCT carried out 2-3 days after the end of the course, with toremifene or clomid (tamoxifen increases progestogen-only and therefore undesirable 'pobochki'). As for how to make Trenabol 100 in combination, it is best combined with Anavar Acetate or Winstrol (in the 'drying'). Despite the fact that mass is effective for a number of muscles and a steroid when taken solo, experienced athletes often use it in conjunction with testosterone enanthate.

Trenabol Reviews

Trenbol reviews indicate the rapid growth of muscle mass and strength performance.Thus, side effects (namely increased blood pressure, acne, aggression, severe suppression of libido) occur quite often. Estrogenic reactions do not occur.

Trenabol reviews by professionals recommend using a steroid in combination with testosterone enanthate. To increase relief and muscle hardness, athletes recommend combining Trenabol with Stanozolol. In order to gain lean muscle mass, it is not recommended to use supplemental AACs, professionals often use "long" testosterone esters.



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