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Testosterone Enanthate is available in an esterified form. The active ingredient planted in ether and stored in fatty deposits, the cracks are not immediate and in full, and gradually occur in the blood.

Testosterone has pronounced anabolic properties that accelerate protein synthesis (provides positive nitrogen balance) and also has many other beneficial effects for athletes. At men's Enanthate is produced by Leydig cells of the adrenal cortex, and in women – only the adrenal cortex. Hormone – a product of peripheral metabolism, although it has very little activity, since almost does not bind to androgen receptors. Testosterone is a prohormone. This means that before affecting the androgen receptor, it is processed (modified) by a special enzyme – 5-alpha reductase. How to get the active form of the hormone – dihydrotestosterone.

Side effects

The main disadvantage of testosterone enanthate is its high taste, i.e. its conversion to estrogen. This leads to common side effects (however, they occur in the majority of cases from non-compliance with the recommended dosage and/or duration of treatment) in the form of fatness, edema and gynecomastia. The old way to eliminate these deficiencies is to use anti-estrogens. Basically, you can also stop the problems mentioned above, but it's much more effective than aromatase inhibitors on the course.Atestrogenism necessary, but after the abolition of the steroid – to restore normal levels of testosterone secretion. On the negative side effects of testosterone enanthate, it is also possible to increase blood pressure, hair loss, acne, increased aggression.

Testo-Enan amp


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