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Deсaver from Vermodje – steroid with high enough anabolic androgenic activity to be moderate. The active ingredient – ​​nandrolone decanoate. In humans, nandrolone can be produced naturally during long, intense exercise. the concentration of the basic substance metabolite, however – 19 noradrosterone, small, and is only a few nanograms per milliliter of urine. In medical practice, nandrolone bone and Deca Durabolin To fortify the patient, it is often prescribed to the elderly.

Deсaver, the properties of which are determined by the active ingredient nandrolone decanoate, well known for its anabolic properties and low levels of androgens. This steroid has a prolonged effect and is able to lose up to 10 kg of muscle mass during the course.
In addition, Decaver from Vermodje has a strengthening effect on the skeletal system and joints due to a certain water retention in the body. The course of the drug improves the transport of oxygen in the blood and, in general, improves the immune system.

Dekaver Reviews

Since the beginning of its history, and for more than 50 years, Deca has not lost its popularity among athletes. Its anabolic effects and practically no pobochek suggest that the drug will not continue to lose its positions.
Dekaver reviews prove that its course is not too fast, but effectively you can dial up to 10 kg of high-quality muscle mass, strengthening the joints and skeletal system and, as a rule, strengthening the immune system .

amp decave


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