Test the E amp.


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Vermodje Testover E – preparation based on Enanthate, Natural human analog of testosterone with delayed action and high androgenic and anabolic activity. The chemical formula is different from that of the long chain ether of propionate, whereby blood testosterone gradually saturates over a long period of time. Enanthate does not require frequent injections. Steroid used by bodybuilders, weight lifters and other 'safety guards' to increase power output and lots of weight.

At this point, Vermodje Testover E is considered the most popular steroid among athletes who in the short term due to its property to significantly increase muscle mass and improve strength in athletes. It is used in many sports but particularly appreciated by weightlifters.
Bodybuilders actively apply Vermodje Testover E to increase weightlifters to increase their strength. The steroid has high levels of androgenic and anabolic activity. Due to water retention, lump grows before our eyes. It also helps to recover after a training session and gives the athlete a feeling of exhausting overtraining. Now, it's hard to go on a course of steroids to imagine what doesn't seem like testosterone. And, above all, the steroid is not only suitable for experienced athletes, beginners can also get started and the result will not last long with it. It should be remembered, because it delays fluid, is zoomed out, so you need to supplement the course of other drugs.

Positive effects of Testover E:

  • It promotes rapid growth of muscle mass and strength in athletes
  • Water retention in the body. This is both a plus and a minus. Put in the fact that thanks to this property in athletes and there is a louder volume
  • Musculature. This quality is highly appreciated by bodybuilders
    It helps relieve joint pain, which has a positive effect on training
  • It improves the general condition of the athlete and improves the desire to exercise
  • By applying testosterone enanthate, you will not feel the body of overtraining
  • increases libido

Test the E amp.


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