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Buy anabolic steroids 24 shop offers the possibility to buy Primover ampoules online safely. Bodybuilders have the option of not having a prescription to buy Primover Germany bulbs.

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This anabolic steroid, a derivative of dihydrotestosterone, it has high activity and low levels of anabolic androgens, the formulation is not prone to aromatization.
The injectable form of the preparation includes long enanthate ester, which reaches its localization in the blood 2 weeks after injection, so one injection per week is sufficient.
The drug is a great choice for bodybuilding beginners as it is one of the safest anabolic steroids (Primobolan-Group) and its side effects are very rare.
It is suitable for muscle recruitment, growth will not be as fast as testosterone, but without strong water retention, and at the end of the course you can gain more weight.

Experienced bodybuilders using the drug when preparing for a competition, the drug helps to burn fat quickly, tightens muscles, removes excess water and, most importantly, helps maintain muscle mass.

Very often the drug is used in the bikini of fitness girls, it allows them to gain muscle faster, at the same time look feminine and do not have irreversible side effects.

It can even be used by weightlifters if there is a bit of a need and excels in the lower drug category in that it helps dry out and therefore maintain flow rates.

Primover Reviews

The drug is mild pain after the injection of the leaves, muscle formation is not rapid, but it is expressed in the slow and qualitative annual growth of the muscle.

Use the drug while drying for two months after receiving about eight kilograms of fat and visually in the mirror began to look even better than it was, burning fat and gaining muscle mass.

Although preparation for a competition is one of the most important, it helps to eliminate fat, speed up recovery and maintain full muscle mass.

Primover bulbs


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