Fenilver amplifier.


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Fenilver from Vermodje – steroid based on anabolic and androgenic effects Nandrolone created. This substance was first developed by Organon in the 1960s. While actively conducted the first serious studies on steroids. Currently there is no better drug with a similar effect. Nandrolone Phenylpropionate used in medicine to accelerate reduction processes in patients undergoing surgery. Besides being a prophylactic agent for breast cancer in women according to medical instructions, the drug is used to treat growth retardation and muscular dystrophy in adolescents.

Side effects

If you follow the instructions of the drug, side effects from Fenilvera almost never occur. However, if a large overdose can cause excessive fluid accumulation in the body and increase body fat, gynecomastia, acne. Receiving Fenilver together with Tamoksimedom Klomedom or eliminating side effects. Women should use the drug with more caution, as there is a risk of virilization. Incorrectly used fenilver monthly can injure, change the structure of the skin, hair growth occurs on the skin and face. However, it should be noted that side effects in the case of the drug are not registered in accordance with the regulations.

Fenilver Reviews

Reviews of Fenilver by athletes, observing the dosage and duration of the course, indicate the complete absence of side effects.Even athletes who have significantly exceeded the established standards strike only with excessive sweating and acne, and in a relatively mild form.

As a professional athlete as well as a beginner, in an evaluation of Fenilvere von Vermodzhe to see an increase in performance and increase small but very high-quality muscle mass. There is also evidence from steroid users that it relieves joint pain and increases mobility. Many athletes use it for rehabilitation after serious injuries.

Fenilver amplifier.


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