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Proviron -ver – hormonal drug with moderate androgenic activity from the Moldavian pharmaceutical company Vermodje. The main active ingredient – ​​mesterolone. Form of the product – pills in a package of 25 pieces. 50 mg/tablet of Proviron-ver often used by athletes as PCT, as well as for severe ASA cures. It has a mild androgenic effect and significantly uslivaet erectile function. The main application – bodybuilding, although used by other athletes. Proviron has very little impact on the body's ability to produce testosterone, although at high doses it still inhibits endogenous hormone levels.

How to take

The Proviron-ver Solo course is almost never used. The drug is a means of the FCT. In practice, its use in conjunction with ASA is justified to suppress testosterone secretion. The recommended daily dose is 50 mg. For the normalization of hormone levels, it is better to divide the corresponding daily rate into several receptions. The maximum permissible dose – 100 milligrams per day. The drug is not toxic to the liver, does not have inhibitory effects on the testicles of the pituitary-hypothalamic axis. However, due to the chemical nature of the active substance, possible causes are side effects like hair loss and enlarged prostate.

Reviews of Proviron-ver

Reviews of Proviron-ver The professional praise of Proviron-ver from Vermodje as a stimulant of the production of male sex hormones.According to the words of experienced athletes, the drug significantly improves potency and libido, while in moderate doses it does not cause side effects. The tablet shape is very convenient to use.

Reviews of Vermodzhe's Proviron belief in terms of its anti-estrogen actions are contradictory. Many athletes claim that the drug does not prevent (or its effects do not significantly prevent) water retention, gynecomastia and fat.



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