Stanover amp.


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Winstrol – a mild anabolic steroid, known for its mild effects on the body and minimal pobochek. Active ingredient: Stanozolol. The company produces its own version of Vermodje's excellent winstrol, called stanover. The anabolic steroid has low androgenic activity, so often seen in women. Male athletes used stanover to dry out and burn fat. Due to its characteristics, an athlete can achieve relief and muscle stiffness in the background by recycling water with fat. Winstrol of course also allows you to maintain them and even slightly increase your muscle mass, so that at the end of this course you will be visually more.

How to take stanover?

stanovera has of course often used the solo format for relief and fat burning. In this ideal case, the daily dosage will vary from 30 to 50 mg.

For compote, steroid preparations can be purchased as an anabolic and anti-catabolic background stanover. In most cases it is combined with testosterone, methane and oxymetholone. PRO builder for a week before hitting the scene in the amount of Trenbolone stanoverom used to give your muscles superstiffness. So beginners do not recommend it.

The duration of the solo course – 6-8 weeks. Compote preparations are based on the duration of esters and the half-life of major steroids.It should be noted that very often stanover von vermodzhe was used in the last weeks of steroid treatment – ​​replacing a strong oral drug, such as Turinabol, Anadrol or Methane. This method will ground typical Winstrol application rates and the application will help drain excess water at the end and facilitate CTF.

Side effects

Stanover can make your joints and ligaments worse due to excessive fluid leakage. This is why you must respect reasonable dosages. Also, any excess of oral steroids can damage the liver. Even rapid recycling sometimes causes temporary pressure differences.

The rest is a completely safe oral steroid that is comparable to oxandrolone and turinabol on this indicator. Using them in reasonable amounts, you will not experience side effects, especially with gynecomastia, since the level of stanovera in female hormones is not implemented. When combined with testosterone, stanover enhances its effects and reduces pobochki due to its anti-estrogenic activity.

Stanover amp.


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