vial of testocyp


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Testocyp (Testosterone Cypionate) – a long-acting injectable testosterone ester dissolved in oil. Half-life of testocypa in the body of an athlete over 2 weeks. Powerful anabolic androgenic testocyp with good properties. Cypionate, Popular Testosterone in the United States, they use it more commonly than Testosterone Enanthate. Europeans, on the contrary, prefer testosterone enanthate. By comparing Testocyp and testosterone enanthate, we find that the two testosterone injections do not differ from each other in important properties: increased muscle mass and strength performance, side effects, duration, cost .

Characteristics of the drug

Testocyp is a versatile steroid and works well for novice 'chemists' and athletes already advanced in the use of sports pharmacology. Of course, Testocyp is not for people who want to try hormones for the first time, this steroid. For the first year, less androgenic steroids will be much better suited. Like Stanozolol, Boldenone, Turinabol, Oxandrolone. Beginners will add less with the use of these steroids, but nothing will be lost after use. And in terms of side effects, these drugs have advantages. Beginners should keep in mind to increase muscle mass and strength quite easily on Testocype, but it does not save. Athlete's use of Testocyp quickly excreted -wheel the water course, subtle testosterone production and enhanced breakdown process after its completion.

vial of testocyp


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