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Boldeprime (Boldenone Andecylenate) – is an anabolic steroid with low androgenic activity. In some properties, it is comparable to testosterone, but does not have such a pronounced effect. The basic action of this drug is based on the process of breaking down fat capsules in cells, with subsequent retubing of the obtained energy into muscle tissue. Boldenone belongs to the group of short-term steroids, but its effectiveness lasts for a long time after use, which makes it possible to take it no more than once every 7-10 days.

Oddly enough, but the original use of boldenone in veterinary medicine made it possible to create a favorable base for muscle growth in our little brothers. It was only after a while that boldenone entered the training regimen of professional bodybuilders and weightlifters. The drug is great for those who weren't ready for 'severe' chemicals or didn't have liver issues. Boldenone's acceptable price and overwhelmingly positive feedback from one of the tested athletes to its effect became the basis for its growing popularity in the domestic anabolic steroid market.

And while many top athletes have been able to reassure themselves that boldenone – it is the best artificial enhancer for correcting muscle relief, stiffness and muscle hardness as well as being an ideal preparation for those who 'sit 'on the drying, it is not enough to meet the demand in the area of ​​the profile.

Benefits and Effects of Boldenone

The effects of boldenone have a beneficial effect on a number of muscle mass. Thus, an athlete is guaranteed to get a useful "bonus" in the title, not to accumulate excess fluid in the body. Properly composed Boldenone Solo course allows to achieve the desired result without harm to health, since the drug is not peculiar to the usual serious side effects of steroids: hair loss, gynecomastia, acne, enlarged prostate, etc. Mild effects and absolutely no liver toxicity make this drug as safe and convenient as possible.



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