Testobolin (vial)


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Testobolin is a powerful anabolic and androgenic steroid with longer lasting effects. Originally developed for medical use, the steroid is now also used in sports practice Enanthate Used: As a doping for amateurs or athletes, it is mainly used in power classes and mass gathering.

Effects and effects on the body

The main benefit of TestoBolin is a rapid increase in muscle mass and strength. Testobolin especially likes weightlifters and powerlifters. In terms of anabolic effect, the preparation has a pronounced androgenic effect. The abbreviated composition of body weight is accompanied by a large accumulation of water due to the fact that sodium is retained in the body. When the course ends, there is a fairly noticeable reset phenomenon. In KDK, TestoBolin and Induject-250 take a high place in the ranking of the most commonly used anabolic steroids. TestoBolin successfully eliminates the 'problem' of the joint, to deal with pain in the shoulders and tightness, pain and discomfort. Adverse events of TestoBolin cannot be clearly visualized. Testosterone can be used as a very effective method of contraception in men. Long-term studies have shown that testosterone is a reliable, long-term method of contraception, with a pretty impressive level of effectiveness – 99.2%. This figure exceeds the indicators of condoms (88%) and modern oral contraceptives (93-98%).Research has shown that the contraceptive effect of the drug is completely reversible – testosterone injections cause minimal side effects. TestoBolin accelerates regeneration processes in the body. It has a positive effect on the overall sound, increases the desire for training, has a prophylactic effect, increases the oxygen capacity of the blood.

TestoBolin Side Effects

TestoBolin is convertible to estrogen – this is due to its strong tendency to aromatize. Often a negative phenomenon of fat deposition, gynecomastia, edema develops. To avoid these phenomena, it is necessary to carry out anti-estrogen prophylaxis. Many people mistakenly believe that anti-estrogens should not be used until the end of the course – in which case you have every chance of developing gynecomastia. TestoBolin suppresses the effect on 'hypothalamus – pituitary – arc'. The pituitary function of the testicles is inhibited by a feedback mechanism, which causes a decrease in its normal testosterone secretion. During long-term use of the drug or the use of high doses, it is necessary to apply Vitagon (gonadotropin) for 3-4 weeks.

Testobolin (vial)


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