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Testosterone Enanthate – one of the most widely used steroids in bodybuilding and strength types. This natural testosterone ester. Enanthate is a long-acting steroid that works for 2-3 weeks, a week to do the injections while maintaining high testosterone levels. Testosterone enanthate quite impressive muscle growth and increased power output, due to this indication it is often used and by security forces. Another interesting feature of testosterone enanthate is that it is probably the best contraceptive that sterilizes men for a while, the process is completely reversible.
It shed muscles and excellent pumping in training, but Testabol enanthate enough water accumulates in the body and has androgenic properties, which can increase pressure in gynecomastia.
From the benefits, it can be said that the course of enanthate will help you get rid of the pain you feel.
Joints and ligaments. There is a flashback phenomenon after the course.
Testosterone enanthate generally improves performance,
exercise desire and muscle tone. Profilaktiruet overtraining. It increases libido.


The result is directly proportional to the dosage. Recommended dosage of 250 to 500 mg per week. The course lasts 5-6 weeks and fills its gradual decrease in dosage.
To avoid symptoms of estrogen side effects, it is recommended to take the Proviron course from 2 weeks
For lean muscle sets effectively combining with enanthate bridge, ilitrenbolonom methane.
For example 250 mg of enanthate per week and 300 mg per week of deck. Drying and relieving add to Winstrol.



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