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Androlic is an oral anabolic steroid, one of the good drugs, which in the composition of this steroid is the active ingredient oxymetholone. Androliс in two weeks you will get a weight range from 5 to 7 kg, it has a strong anabolic and androgenic effect. The steroid makes excellent water retention that's why Anadrol not suitable before the competition. But many bodybuilders still accept it, even before the competition.

Androliс – this is one of the most effective and powerful oral steroids developed on the basis of oksimetalona. It has strong anabolic properties and facilitates rapid muscle and weight gain

Drug effect

Steroids have a strong androgenic effect. Androlic reception allows athletes to save time to achieve a huge gain in muscle mass and strength parameters. The athlete receiving these pills for 2 weeks can accumulate up to 5-7 kg.
The athlete's journey means that he accumulates a lot of water, in addition to muscle tissue, which leads to a rapid increase in muscle mass and volume. Reviews on the Internet attest to its high efficiency and quick results.
Androlik stimulates the cellular attraction of water muscle, which leads to increased accumulation of water during preparation. Such a steroid does not give qualitative growth of muscle tissue and provides very quantitative growth. But the steroid 'lubricates the joint' which is important for athletes who suffer from joint pain and work with heavy weights.
It also helps red blood cells get more oxygen by allowing muscles to get more oxygen. Athletes using Androlik 50 will feel a great burst of energy and will not feel fatigued during exercise. Overtraining when receiving these tablets is excluded, since the substance creates conditions for high levels of physical recovery.



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