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The drug Alphabol is an oral anabolic steroid, the active ingredient of which is methandienone (methandrostenolone), from the company Alpha-Pharma. Athletes used long courses (up to 6-8 weeks), mainly to gain muscle mass and increase strength. It can be recommended for both beginners and experienced athletes in the application of sports pharmacology.


The first similar drugs (in the form of tablets, based on methandienone) were sold in the late 1950s. It was peculiar Dianabol (5 mg tablets) originally designed for drug use. Like many steroids, methandienone was initially not considered doping at all and until the late 1960s its use was not prohibited for athletes. At that time, substances with stimulating activity, such as amphetamines, were part of doping.
Alfabol, produced by the Indian company Alfa-Pharma, is often positively described as a powerful anabolic steroid that delivers pronounced results in a short time. Methandienone has lost no urgency since the start of the sport. His drugs are still in demand to this day and are associated with physical activity in almost all sports (from bodybuilding to martial arts).

The main possibility of Alphabol is a rapid and happy increase in muscle mass, thanks to the activation of protein synthesis, glycogenolysis. At the same time, strength indicators increase. The need for food increases. Fat that is not too visibly burned Bone system is strengthened.
Alphabol has a relatively low androgenic effect (50% compared to regular testosterone), and yet it happens.
Studies have shown that the side effects of the drug begin to manifest, usually with the wrong dosage, namely when the dose of Alphabol is exceeded by more than 30 mg per day.

Alphabol Side Effects

The problem of gynecomastia arises after the conversion of the proportion of Alphabol into estrogen – methylestradiol, which has a 30% higher affinity for estrogen receptors. Anti-estrogens are used to prevent this unpleasant side effect. These substances are almost 100% effective in preventing gynecomastia.
Due to the fact that Alphabol has a methyl category in the 17th position, this product produces a relatively weak toxic effect on the liver. The methyl group interferes with the destruction of Alphabol in the liver and allows the product to be used orally (inside). This reduces the binding of Alphabol to sex hormone binding globulin. Used hepatoprotectors.



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