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Testabol Depot – Cypionate from British Dragon, the longest hormone ester available on the market. The active ingredient is stored in fat deposits and is split in the blood via the sickle. Actually, Cypionate is no different from Enanthate except 1 atom long chain. long-term effects on the body, on the one hand, is very comfortable because it reduces the number of necessary injections, but on the other hand – Testabol Depot largely retains fluid. Estrogenic activity is the main disadvantage of the steroid. Most of the negative effects can be avoided if you stick to the indicated dosage and perform the FCT in a timely manner.

How to take

Course Testabol Depot long enough for 8-10 weeks. Recommended doses range from 250 to 500 milligrams, with injections given every 7 days. As practice shows, increasing the rate by more than 1 g does not lead to better results, but increases the likelihood and severity of side effects. preferably for FCT it sees Proviron, but you can use Tamoxifen. As to how Testabol Depot combined with other anabolic and androgenic steroids to make the best testosterone cypionate combined with nandrolone. The total dose should therefore be around 400 mg per week.

Testabol Depot Reviews

Athletes do not use cypionate as often as enanatat, and no reports of Testabol Depot 200 have been reported. Professionals recommend using gonadotropin if the course is longer than 4 weeks (as it usually is).As the best choice of Proviron to eliminate additional pharmacological side effects, Tamoxifen should be replaced by the end of the course.

Testabol Depot reviews by British Dragon 200 show good muscle mass gain, increased strength and endurance performance. Thus, athletes complain of an upper back phenomenon resulting in a one-third increase in volume. Side effects are not so common, especially if you follow the instructions and respond to the physiological state of the slightest deviation from normal. Women should not use the drug: risk of virilization.

Testabol depot


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