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Oxandrolone, unlike other anabolic steroids, does not completely inhibit the production of its own testosterone. Therefore, it does not require the use of drugs when leaving the 'course'.

Oxandrolone is often used as a growth promoter in the treatment of children (boys) who are lagging behind in physical development. A study in Italy found that as a medicinal growth hormone in these patients, oxandrolone was effective. The study of French scientists revealed that the substance of the higher efficiency of growth hormone in the treatment of girls with Turner syndrome – one of the reasons for the lag in physical development. In obese people, oral oxandrolone helped decrease subcutaneous fat mass in the abdomen, which is more effective than testosterone enanthate or exercise.

Oxandrolone action is to increase the amount of growth hormone produced in each cue cycle, the drug itself does not alter the duration of discharge cycles or half cycles of the hormone.

The positive effects

in competitive bodybuilding, in sports where athletes are divided into weight classes, cycling and bodybuilding – Oxandrolone is used in many areas. In the field of training, oxandrolone is recognized as the most effective drug for increasing strength among those dosed in milligrams.

It is considered the best stimulator of phosphocreatine production in muscle tissue, but this argument has no scientific evidence.

Low levels of androgenic effects when taking the drug have made it popular among female athletes, especially female bodybuilders.

Oxandrolone has practically no toxic effects on the liver even in high doses – 80 mg per day. He was even named a cirrhotic patient.

Oxandrolone does not suppress the functioning of the sex gland and pituitary system in men. There is no evidence that it inhibits sperm and testosterone production, so osandrolon is often taken between courses. Many bodybuilders are able to stop taking steroids, walk 30mg of oxandrolone a day, and gradually reduce the body's dose by 2.5mg every five days until it restores normal production of oxandrolone. testosterone.
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