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Vermodje Mastever (Drostanolone Propionate) – injectable anabolic steroid based on dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This changes the basis of DHT.
The 2-methyl group increases the anabolic properties of the drug as well as its effectiveness in promoting muscle tissue growth compared to their unmethylated precursors.
Vermodje Mastever (masteron) – steroid with strong anabolic and anti-estrogenic properties.

Masteron Side Effects

Vermodje Mastever does not aromatize and does not contain essential estrogenic substances. When using this steroid, it is not necessary to use anti-estrogens and gynecomastia, which usually does not manifest itself even in very sensitive people.
Vermodje Mastever users provide a qualitative and dry body shape without excessive subcutaneous water retention. This makes it a cheap steroid to use in the drying process when water retention and grease are the main concerns. As a close derivative of DHT, drostanolone may have anti-estrogenic effects and compete with other (aromatic) substrates to bind the aromatase enzyme.



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