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Deсaver from Vermodje – steroid with high enough anabolic androgenic activity to be moderate. The active ingredient – ​​nandrolone decanoate. In humans, nandrolone can be produced naturally during long, intense exercise. the concentration of the basic substance metabolite, however – 19 noradrosterone, small, and is only a few nanograms per milliliter of urine. In medical practice, nandrolone is used in the bones and muscles of patients Deca Durabolinto strengthen it, it is often prescribed for the elderly.

How to take Deсaver

Producing a prolonged effect. Anabolic effects gradually developed during training, volume growth became steady, but not abrupt. Compared to other anabolic steroids, Dekavera naturally lasts longer and lasts for 8-10 weeks. The injections are given once a week. The duration of the active substance is 15 days, therefore more frequent injections are not justified. Depending on the decave sting, the recommended instructions range from 400 to 600 mg per week. The course is longer than 8 weeks requires the inclusion of additional drugs. Chorionic gonadotropin is used during 4-5 weeks (injection to be done in 500months twice a week) and later after its discontinuation as post cycle therapy.

How to take Decaver in combination? Nandrolone is best used in combination with Sustanon, Winstrol, Methandrostenolone and Testosterone.The combination of nandrolone and drugs that eliminate natural testosterone suppression is warranted. In itself, the course of Dekavera Vermodzhe Solo has many drawbacks.

Decaver Side Effects

The instructions for use show the following possible side effects of Dekaver: back pain, headache, rash, runny nose, high blood pressure, irritability and abdominal pain. Also possible progestin effects like loss of libido and gynecomastia. However, this only happens when the recommended dosages and regimens are not followed.

Decave Flask


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