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Decabol (Deca) is by far one of the most popular steroids. It was actively used decades ago when it was marketed in pharmacies under the trade name 'Retabolil'. This drug can do both Deca Durabolin formidable weapon for building muscle mass and strength, and seriously harming athletes. Deсabol – this is probably one of the side effects of the drug in terms of danger, so before deciding to use it, you need to have a good understanding of some rules. You use it to get lean and dense muscles or erectile dysfunction, and knee gynecomastia is entirely dependent on your approach to literacy with this drug.

How to take

The Decabol courses they follow must be built according to certain rules. The most important of them – Dekabol should always be taken in parallel with a reception of testosterone at a dose of twice the dose of 'Deck'. That is, at less than 200 mg of nandrolone per week, the bottom should contain at least 400 mg of testosterone (ie ether).

The second requirement is strict control of the level of the hormone prolactin. Nandrolone – progestogen and most of the side effects of Dekabola come from the property of increasing prolactin in the blood. With her growing urgent need to start receiving cabergoline (bergolak, dostineks).

Reviews on Deсabol

Typically athletes who observe the course instructions with the participation of Deca leave only positive feedback on Dekabole 200, 250, 300.Note the quality of muscle mass gains, its density, 'shed', and in particular a strong increase in performance, as well as a beneficial effect on the health of joints and ligaments.

Take the medicine correctly and you will get nothing but benefit from its work. Decabol reviews from experienced athletes confirm the effectiveness of the drug and the ability to minimize side effects with the correct approach to the composition of the course.



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