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Trenaver 200 from Vermodje SRL – anabolic steroid, characterized by low androgenic activity with a significant anabolic effect. The advantage of production is the lack of flavoring ability. The active ingredient preparation is Trenbolone enanthate.
The most popular steroids are used in bodybuilding, weightlifting, paueriliftinge, extreme strong and other sports where the athlete gains a lot of strength and weight. With Trenavera 200 helps get rid of fat quickly, it reduces the secretion of cortisol (a hormone that occurs under the influence of all types of stress: moral, caused by anxiety or depression or physical as a result of extreme stress) by the body harmful to the protein affects and promotes the formation of fatty deposits. For medicinal purposes, Trenaver can be used to increase sexual potency and a temporary increase in libido.

We take Trenaver

Trenaver course recommended for 200 athletes interested in quality muscle mass without excess water and fat. The preparation is the effect obtained when received alone or in combination with other steroids. If Trenaver – the only steroid, it is recommended to prick 100-300 mg of active ingredient per week for a month or two. To maintain hormone levels at one level, it is advisable to divide the weekly intake into two or three doses. Experienced athletes take large doses of 200 Trenaver Vermodzhe, you need to combine it with a gonadotropin.Meaning no more than the course: a further increase in mass and strength is significantly weakened, but increases the risk of side effects.

How to take Trenaver in combination with other steroids? To increase not only muscle growth, but also quality, Trenaver can be combined with Oxandrolone or Winstrol. The duration of the course remains the same – two months. Women using steroids are not recommended.

Side effects

It is a very safe trenbolone steroid with hardly any side reactions. However, this inability to use harmless steroids can cause high blood pressure, hair loss, acne, insomnia, and oily skin. If the athlete applies high doses of the drug without a gonadotrope or tamoxifen, the side effects of Trenavera have reduced testicular size and decreased libido.

Trenaver 200 vial


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