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TrenaRapid – a powerful steroid with anabolic and androgenic effects from the Indian pharmaceutical company Alpha Pharma. First of all, it means increasing the appetite and muscle mass of cattle exclusively in veterinary medicine. It should be noted that Trenbolone is usually used in the form of esterified derivatives, which makes it possible to obtain a prolonged effect. Trenbolone Acetate is a short-lived ester, but at the same time it is very popular.

Side effects

It is not uncommon that when receiving TrenaRapid increases aggression, increases hair loss, hypertension, acne, increases oily skin. Even after the course there is a loss of libido and, in the most severe cases, testicular atrophy. Such side effects are avoided by receiving TrenaRapid cabergoline or gonadotropin. Some athletes wrongly complain about alleged kidney damage. A change in the color of the urine indeed caused metabolites derived from it and not by other processes. Trenbolone, used in moderate doses, does not affect the liver. Androgenic side effects are also available. Cannot be combined with TrenaRapid Ephedrine or Clenbuterol.

TrenaRapid Reviews

Athletes appreciate the quality and volume of typical muscle using the steroid. Reviews of TrenaRapid by Alpha Pharma are mostly from professional athletes. It is strongly advised to undergo a full health examination before starting the course, as well as to have it checked while taking steroids.Injection tolerance is satisfactory, although not all are stimulated by the high frequency of injections.

Reviews of TrenaRapid by women are extremely rare, and they all show a negative effect of the drug on the body. Athletes, including working women, should not use this AAS.



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