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Trenbolone enanthate is applied 1-2 times a week at a dose of 300 mg. Cyclohexyl methyl carbonate, although rarely used by athletes, is still used, its recommended dosage is 300 mg per week, an injection is given in seven days

Trenbolone is also not sensitive to aromatization and conversion to progesterone, but at the same time itself can stimulate estrogen and progesterone receptors. However, estrogenic activity is expressed very negligibly. Progestins, on the contrary, can be seen quite clearly. Contrary to popular belief, trenbolone is not a potent androgen. That's why waiting for acne or dandruff is not worth it. As a rule, it usually does not cause androgen-induced side effects. There is a myth that trenbolone can negatively affect the kidneys, but there is absolutely no evidence to support it.

Trenbolone Enanthate: reviews

The first thing you are interested in is those taking a Trenbolone Enanthate course – the drug reviews. Summing up the general meaning of the reviews for this anabolic and androgenic, it can be said that it is effective in drying when working on quality masses without water, and it is not hepatotoxic and practically without the risk of side effects of an androgenic nature, of course, to reasonable compliance with the recommendations.

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