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Lytryronine is a synthetic thyroid hormone. It is an A-isomer of natural triiodothyronine (T3). Thyroid hormones speed up the metabolism and that is why they are used for medical purposes to fight thyroid failure, obesity, metabolic disorders and fatigue. Triiodothyronine is also used Liothyronine T3 The patient's thyroid gland does not release the desired level of thyroid hormones.

Thyro3 – is the brand name of the drug liothyronine sodium. The active ingredient is not a steroid, a hormone of the thyroid gland – triyodtironine. The results can be oversimplified to share the thyroid hormones T3 and T4. On the composition of an amino acid tyrosine and three molecules of iodine in T4 – four molecules of iodine. Entry into the blood of the gland and into the T4 cells of an organism is gradually converted into T3. Thyro3 hormone actively influences metabolic processes. It is known that the lack of this hormone in the body leads to weight gain, regardless of diet and exercise, fatigue, constipation, a decrease in body temperature. If you consume enough of the hormone in accordance with the observed weight loss and against the background of an increased appetite, you may also experience a slight fever.
Usually it will be based on that and the effects of that drug. Below, the athlete's metabolism increases significantly, the internal reactions of the body are accelerated, and all processes are activated.This hormone promotes lipolysis and glucose into acid, allowing you to get rid of excess body fat, thus obtaining extra energy. It sounds like an overall improvement in performance, tone, and mood. You can see on our site and other liothyronine sodium drugs or fat burners are no less effective, such as clenbuterol or metildren.

How best to take Thyro3

It should be noted that the simultaneous use of the drug with steroids, for example Winstrol oksimetalon or more effective than receiving steroids only. It is understandable why, T3 accelerates all processes in the body and thus the process of protein synthesis is accelerated and thus enough additional energy from the breakdown of fats, which leads to faster muscle growth. If you also plan to reduce fat, we get a great effect for bodybuilding athletes. The drug should be taken cautiously for 10 days up to 100mcg, in small doses of 25mcg, which is gradual – this will allow the body to adapt to increased hormone levels. You should not take the drug for a long time, more than 6 weeks, as this can lead to a decrease in thyroid activity. In general Thyro3 before use, of course, better to consult with experts.



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