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CytoVer (Tsitover T3) – one of the most important thyroid hormones, Tsitover aka triiodothyronine, popular with athletes. It is used as a fat burning agent. Effect, tsitover ahead of many fat burners.Liothyronine T3 increases calorie burning, speeds up metabolism. In recent years, the popularity of tsitovera has fallen asleep, all due to its negative effects on the heart system. Triiodothyronine, like adrenaline, causes more frequent heart contractions, but this drawback can be avoided by using tsitover and beta-blockers, they reduce the degree of adverse effects on the heart, as well as the overall risk of other side effects.

Characteristics of the drug

Cytomel is not an anabolic/androgenic steroid, it is a thyroid hormone. As an active chemical, it contains lioteronine sodium, which is L-type with the natural thyroid hormone T3. (L-triiodothyronine). The normal, healthy human thyroid produces two hormones: L-T4 (better known L-thyroxine) and the aforementioned L-TK (L-triyoitironine). Since Cytomel is a synthetic equivalent of the latter, it causes it to be delivered to the body using the same processes as the hormone produced by the thyroid. Interestingly, L-TK is the stronger of the two hormones. Therefore, Cytomel is more effective than commercially available L-T4 preparations such as thyroxine and euiroks. Being a German manufacturer of the drug L-TK has the attributes of “Tibonu” the following properties which clearly show its superiority over the L-T4 contained in Tibone.The synthetically produced thyroid hormone L-TK in experimental clinical studies of the drug showed a superior effect of L-T4 is 4-5 times its biological activity and has a high impact speed.

Cytover T3


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