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Testosterone enanthate is responsible for the normal development of male sexual characteristics. In the absence of testosterone production, an almost complete equalization of functional, anabolic and mental functions is possible “These lines clearly show how important and active testosterone is. Enanthate is one of the many active chemicals in testosterone. In humans, it is produced under normal conditions due to the absence of androgenic hypogonadism and anemia. It is surprising that testosterone enanthate is used (instructions, Testosteron Depot, Yenafarm) in women, the drug is used as an 'additional treatment for certain forms of breast tumors in the postmenstrual cycle' In bodybuilding it' is a muscle building steroid.

Testoviron: GOOD SR

The average recommended dose for men is 500 mg of the drug (ie 2 ml) per week. Allows a dose of 250-750mg per week, which in most cases is quite sufficient for optimal results.

Courses of injections of Testoviron for maximum progress in sports to be carried out over a long period – up to 8-12 weeks, depending on the tasks, sensitivity and tolerance of the body. As a dose worker is recommended to choose the duration of use individually, otherwise do not exclude the probability of their failure, or, conversely, excessive (in both cases is not acceptable).



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