Testorapid (vial)


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TestoRapid – one of the most popular steroids by far. TestoRapid was designed to increase muscle mass and strength. TestoRapid has a unique effect – more is often used during drying. It is one of Propionate Considered testosterone esters. Testosterone – a hormone, a molecule that makes up the bulk of hormonal substances (androgens). The synthesis of foreign substances occurs by changing the atomic configuration of the testosterone molecule (increase or decrease of the atom). TestoRapid is a testosterone molecule used to characterize a propionic acid ester to characterize the pharmacological effects of the drug.

Side effects

There is pain and redness at the injection site, which is further complicated by the need for the frequency of administration. The side effects associated with TestoRapid are that it is easily aromatized and converted into estrogen and dihydrotestosterone. Like other testosterone esters in high doses, it can cause acne, gynecomastia, baldness, hair growth, masculinization (in women). The drug inhibits the product of testosterone, which in most cases at the end of the course – after 2-3 months. Many courses instruct you to use Vitagon (Gonadotropin) 500 IU once a week. Practice of use shows, in small doses, that the substance does not affect the liver, kidneys or any other place. Not recommended for women receiving it due to its high androgenic activity.

Testorapid (vial)


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