Testobolin (ampules)


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Testobolin – anabolic and androgenic steroid from the Indian pharmaceutical company Alpha Pharma. Chemically, testosterone enanthate is an ester. Its main advantage is prolonged exposure. The average duration of the steroid's activity is around 2-3 weeks, and depending on Enanthate Hormonal metabolism and respective athlete. Low frequency of injections – it is very convenient, and Testobolin AAS is popular among many athletes. Two or even one injections per week make it possible to maintain the concentration of the hormone in the blood at a constantly high level.

Side effects

In fact, the only real problem with taking testosterone enanthate – its high level of taste. Estrogenic activity can cause side effects such as testobolin swelling, gynecomastia, fat deposits, etc. More recently, athletes have combated this phenomenon using anti-estrogens, but today the preferred drugs are aromatase inhibitors. They are more effective in controlling estradiol-mediated responses. Less testobolin from Alpha Pharma causes baldness, aggression, increased blood pressure. Women taking the drug are contraindicated as there may be manifestations of masculinization.

Testobolin Reviews

The main scourge of the steroid – Significant rollback phenomenon. And reports about Testobolin from Alpha Pharma are confirmed. About half of weight loss athletes were dissatisfied after completing the course.The incidence of side effects is low, but according to some athletes has to deal with estrogenic manifestations.

However, Testobolin reviews indicate the effectiveness of performance steroids in increasing performance and endurance. Sporting point of use: the lowest injection frequency makes it possible to forget the painful sensations often encountered when using an aqueous suspension.

Testobolin (ampules)


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