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Testosterone Cypionate – the 'long' form of testosterone known today. The main male hormone used in sports exercise for a long time, and not only men. His method allows to significantly increase the basic physiological indicators, which means – to show the best results.

Side effects

A characteristic of steroid Cypionate is the high level of taste. Muscle growth is often accompanied by excessive amounts of estrogen and, as a result, gynecomastia, dense tissue, and nipple swelling. Prevents this negative anti-estrogen reaction – Clomid or Nolvadex and aromatase blockers. Side effects of testosterone cypionate are often androgenic in nature, due to the rate of conversion of the hormone to its active form – dihydrotestosterone. , Increased sebum, acne – can increase blood pressure, hair growth on the body and face (alopecia or vice versa).

Testosterone Cypionate Reviews

Gaining quality muscle mass is high enough, despite the fact that the rollback phenomenon is impossible to completely eliminate. Reviews of testosterone cypionate suggest a relatively low incidence of side effects other than excessive fluid buildup. The steroid is said to be very effective and equivalent to the most popular enanthate in bodybuilding.

Professional athletes often combine the hormone with other steroids, but at the same time advise beginners to avoid such combinations.When it comes to top producers, Testosterone Cypionate reviews do not give a clear market leader. Obviously, it is best to look for reputable European and American manufacturers.

Testo Cypmax


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