Test bottle E.


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Description Vermodje Testover E

E-test (Enanthate) – is a complex natural testosterone ester that is present in the body in the specified amounts. This drug has been available for more than 50 years, but initially, like many other anabolic steroids, it was used for medicinal purposes, namely, was used in the treatment of breast cancer, osteoporosis in women with developmental delay in adolescents, and directly for naznacheniyu-bei planned men with low testosterone production.
At this point, Vermodje Testover E is considered the most popular steroid among athletes who in the short term due to its property to significantly increase muscle mass and improve strength in athletes. It is used in many sports but particularly appreciated by weightlifters.
Testover E – natural analogue of testosterone with delayed action, has a highly anabolic and androgenic activity. The improved chemical formula with the addition of an ester makes the active ingredient testosterone enanthate testosterone one of the most popular competitive athletes.
The Testover E effect (10 ml) leads to a significant increase in weight, performance behavior, stimulates regeneration processes and increases the life of the joints due to high water retention. In addition to this preparation, it increases the whole body.

How to do the E-test

Dosages vary depending on course goals and typically range from 250-750mg per week.But some intensive courses or experienced solo athletes taking the drug allow the weekly dose to bring 1000-2000 mg.
Considering the long-term effects of a substance in the body, the question of how to hack a steroid worries many. The answer is – once a week, preferably in the buttocks area, preheat the medicine. The most frequent injections are not necessary. At the end of the Testover E course, the dose will be gradually reduced. This is done in the last two weeks for a safe recovery rate.
The drug is flavored, so you need to take anti-estrogens, such as tamoxifen, before the third week of the course. If the Testover E course takes longer, it is recommended to add a gonadotropin injection once a week. In general, the duration of the course is usually 4 to 8 weeks but can be extended up to 12 weeks depending on the experience of the athlete and the objectives of the reception.
It should be remembered that if an athlete has already tried similar remedies, the dosage of Testover E should be minimal. The body must be given time to adapt physiologically to avoid hormonal explosion and side effects. Taking the drug should be approached with the utmost responsibility and adhere to the recommended dosage. In this case, they provided efficacy and the absence of side effects.
Women use Testover E (Vermodzhe) not recommended due to its high androgenic activity. Even at minimum concentrations of testosterone, enanthate causes serious changes in the hormonal background of women.

Test bottle E.


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