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Rexobol – Anabolic steroids and moderate androgenic effects from the Indian pharmaceutical company Alpha Pharma. The main active ingredient – Stanozolol. Oral drug, prolonged-release form Rexobol – 50 tablets of 50 mg. Chemically – a derivative of digidrotetosterona. Stanozolol in tablets – a very popular steroid. The presence of the alkyl group at the alpha 17 position makes it resistant to degradation as it passes through the liver and then at the same time causing a toxic effect. However, the injectable form is harmful and nothing less. Initially, Stanozolol was used to improve athletic performance and endurance race horses. Of course, he caught the attention of athletes, and by the time the steroid had firmly established itself in the pharmaceutical market.

Side effects

The steroid does not have estrogenic effects, does not cause edema and gynecomastia. In most cases, Pharma Rexobol side effects manifest as damage to joints and ligaments. This is logical and understandable, given that the drug is 'dry'. in the course belongs testosterone and the "bridge" to minimize the risk of injury. A possible negative reaction to Stanozolol is an increase in blood pressure and cholesterol, as well as androgen 'pobochki' (acne, suppression of natural testosterone, hair loss). Liver toxicity hepatic reception inhibited. If you exceed the recommended doses of Rexobol Pharma, you will develop an enlarged heart.

Reviews of Rexobol

Oral STANOZOLON very easy to use, and the feedback from Alpha Pharma Pharma Rexobol often underlines this. The injectable form often causes pain at the injection site, the formation of 'bumps'. Steroid in tablets particularly appreciated by women. By taking it in the minimum dose, athletes rarely face virilization and other side effects.

Rexobol reviews by professional bodybuilders indicate the effectiveness of the drug in increasing muscle and fat loss relief.



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