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Propriet is one of the most popular steroids in bodybuilding. Testosterone Propionate is designed to build muscle mass and strength, but due to the nature of the effects, it is used more frequently during the drying period. Is one of the testosterone esters. Among the major modern producers of Propionate can be called Farmakom, Indian Testopin from BM Pharmaceuticals, Ukrainian Testosterone Propionate from Farmak, English Verormone from Nordic and some others.

Pharmacological effects

It has significant androgenic and anabolic activity (RH regulates male gonadal function and protein synthesis).


Males – gender underdevelopment, reproductive system dysfunction, menopause (the period of life that occurs after age 50 when people are unable to reproduce) and related cardiovascular and nervous disorders, acromegaly (pituitary gland due to disease growing, in the hands , feet, jaw, nose, internal organs, metabolic disorders), hypertrophy (enlargement) of the prostate gland, women – climacteric vascular and neurological diseases (if estrogenic drugs / drugs contraindicated female hormones /), breast cancer and ovarian cancer (under 60), abnormal uterine bleeding (uterine bleeding caused by a violation of ovarian function) in older women.


Intramuscularly or subcutaneously with 1 ml of 1% or 5% solution daily in oil, 1-2 days 2 weeks. up to several months. Women over 45 with abnormal uterine bleeding 1-2 ml of 1% solution for 20-30 days.The highest single dose – 0.05 g per day – 0.1 g

Side effects

Large doses can cause sexual arousal, increase the delay of water and salt in the body, women can experience virilization (appearance in women of male features – deepening of the voice, appearance of excessive hair on face and body), pasty face (Whitening and loss of elasticity of the skin against the background of mild edema), atrophy (weight loss) of the mammary glands. Overdose of the drug in dysmenorrhea (menstrual irregularities) can lead to cessation of menstruation buy testosterone undecanoate



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