Induject-250 (vial)


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Induject-250 – a collection of various testosterone esters, for hormone replacement therapy in Sustanon Endogenous testosterone secretion has developed.

Induject-250 – side effects

Like any type of testosterone, Induject-250 is converted into estrogen. This is why Induject-250 triggers gynecomastia, fat deposition (the beautiful half of humanity) and suppression of personal testosterone. These manifestations of the use of the drug can be avoided with antiestrogens – Altamofen (tamoxifen citrate) or Promifen (clomiphene). By reproducing endogenous testosterone, which may reduce testicular atrophy. This destructive effect of the drug can be avoided if Induject-250 naturally does not last more than 8 weeks and takes anti-estrogens to replenish. For long courses, you need to use Vitagon (gonadotropin). In the body, testosterone is converted into dihydrotestosterone, which causes an enlarged prostate, baldness, acne. All of the above androgenic side effects can be referred to as Induject-250. In addition, athletes often notice an increase in body temperature and a flu-like state. Since most steroids, Induject-250 increases the level of bad cholesterol in the blood (profilaktiruet absorption of omega-3 in the course of drug use). After the injection time, infiltrates occur (compression or 'bumps' at the tip of the buttocks or other injection site). Often infiltrated in about 2 to 5 weeks.


The median dose of 500 mg is considered, some athletes use about 1000 mg per week or more.

Induject-250 (vial)


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