Cut mix 150


Buy anabolic steroids 24 shop offers the possibility to buy Cut Mix 150 safely online. Bodybuilders have the option not to buy Cut Mix 150 Germany on prescription.

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Composition of the preparation

Sustanon contains four testosterone esters:
• decanoate,
• propionate,
• isocaproate,
• phenyl propionate.

Testosterone is the natural hormone that gives people more strength and muscle mass than women. At the same time, testosterone is the hormone that causes hair loss, enlarged prostate and oily skin. But you have to take the risk if you want to grow your muscles. The propionate ester in Testodex from Cut Mix 150 makes it a fast acting drug that produces lean gains but with less water retention than the enanthate or cypionate ester.

The second steroid in Cut Mix 150 is trenbolone acetate in an acetate ester. Trenbolone has very powerful anabolic effects, almost 3 times more anabolic than testosterone. The great thing about Trenbolone is that it won't convert to estrogen, resulting in a great crack look.

And finally, the third steroid in Cut Mix 150 is Masteron 100. This steroid is highly androgenic and is used by bodybuilders and athletes during the pre-contest period to achieve a ripped look for the muscles. This compound is also an excellent choice for increasing strength and aggression. By mixing these three anabolic/androgenic steroids, Dragon Pharma has produced one of the most potent compounds that gives great results to users.
Many users will add Winstrol tabs to the cycle for more pronounced results.

Cut mix 150


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