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Tren Tabs – a powerful anabolic and androgenic steroid from the Indian pharmaceutical company Alpha Pharma. The main active ingredient – ​​metiltrenbolone. Form Release Tren Tubbs – 50 tablets of 1mg. Metiltrenbolone is structurally similar to trenbolone, a well-known and potent androgen that Methyltrienolone (methylstenbolone) aromatize (i.e. have no estrogenic activity). The only difference is the oral form of the active ingredient of the drug in the presence of 17-alpha-methyl group, which protects metiltrenbolone from degradation during passage through the liver, but still has a serious toxic effect.

Side effects

Tren Tabs Side Effects Due to the extent and frequency of side effects caused by the steroid controversy to date. Many athletes believe that a high level of danger from oral Tren Tubbs is a given, and there is no doubt that it is on display. At the same time, there are publications claiming that the side effects of Tren Tabs are too exaggerated, and opinions about the alleged steroid 1000 times more powerful than testosterone do not correspond to reality. In general, the reality is that there is a solid research and evidence base on these pharmacological agents (mainly “because” of the fact that the steroid has not been recognized as a drug).

Reviews on Tren Tabs

Fan reviews of Tren Tabs from Alpha Pharma – a rarity. The main target audience of the steroid – professional athletes.The use of such a powerful anabolic androgen and requires strict adherence to medical recommendations and instructions. Athletes say that it is better to start the reception with minimum doses in order to understand the body's response.

Tren Tubbs reviews talk about improper use of steroids in combination as it works well on its own. It's a faster set of muscle mass and an increase in power output. However, many users have reported the effectiveness of Tren Tabs as a fat burning agent.

Tren Tabs


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