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Primobolan (also known as Primobol) – the common name for the chemical methenolone enanthate. This injectable steroid is very mild compared to other anabolic steroids and in fact considered more anabolic than androgenic.

Primobolan Properties

Primobolan – completely unique steroid that has no identical counterparts. First, Primobolan does not convert to estrogen, so when you use it there are usually no side effects seen with estrogen. This means that problems like acne, edema, gynecomastia, etc. cannot be related to the use of Primobolan. Thus, Primobolan steroid is very useful for those who are prone to unwanted side effects like acne and gynecomastia. Since Primobolan® hardly contributes to water retention in the body, it is often used effectively in so-called 'drying out'. Its effect is muscle relief not only at low or even zero levels of water retention, but also its anabolic nature, as well as the effect of nitrogen gaining momentum. First of all, this means that it is a very good preservative of calorie deficit muscles while drying.

Many argue that the only side effect of Primobolan – it's slow muscle growth, but with a long reception (over 8 weeks) – is stable, high-quality growth and hold. Due to the low water retention and therefore the increase in muscle mass Primobolan is qualitative.Chosen when gaining weight Primobolan kept easy, but although it does not act as pressure on the hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular arch, but it can get you out of the game. Don't make the mistake of thinking that the use of Primobolan can avoid post cycle therapy, because it is not. Recovery will be easier than after most other steroids, but you still need proper treatment with Clomid.

Primobol is best for the following purposes:

1. The first hormonal treatment. Many for the first year have understood that it is more convenient to use the oral form of steroids like Turinabol, Stanozolol, Oxandrolone and so on, rather than the injection than Primobol. Those who decide to spend the first year in an injectable form, Primobol would be a good choice. An athlete who has never used steroids before will work well with Primobol at a dose of around 400mg. once every 7 days. With proper diet, training process and the rest, you will feel good progress from studies in life, while at the end of the course, all muscle mass gain will be fully preserved and the course will not leave you will cause no health problems. That's all in Primobol (great, except for its value.

2. Athletes who don't need a lot of muscle mass like in bodybuilding. Athletes, swimmers, martial arts enthusiasts, etc. Primobol (Primobol) will help this athlete to gain quality muscle mass, increase strength, be more efficient and more likely to get involved and therefore in his favorite sport to progress and not stay up after the year with the same result year. Of course, for this purpose, Primobol has cheap competition in the form of Stanozolol, Turinabol, but these steroids are more harmful to health than Primobol.They can also be taken at the same time or in combination with each other.

Primobolan period and dosage

Although the Primobolan steroid is a quality, it is rather weak. Also due to the fact that it is enantatny ether (in the form of an injection), the reception of any number of Primobolan in a dose of less than 400 mg per week – completely useless exercise and a waste of 'silver. In general, when using anabolic steroids, "more" doesn't always mean "better" (because of side effects and other issues), but in the case of Primobolan, of course, more is better. . When taking Testosterone Primobolan, a weekly dose of 400-800mg is effective, the higher the dose, the more effective it is. In this set of Primobolan will have two main actions. For one thing, it will enhance the effects of testosterone so that 500mg of testosterone enanthate equals 750mg equivalent or more in effectiveness. Second, Primobolan is very dietary. You can continue to build quality muscle at the same rate, even if there are some deviations from the diet every now and then. However, when combined with the protein diet, Testosterone Primobolan will work wonders.

For those wishing to take Primobolan without testosterone, a minimum of 600-800mg per week is required. If you can afford it, the 1000mg per week will yield amazing results. Some people often wonder about using Primobolan with Trenbolone. This combination is possible, but it should be understood that without testosterone, your male potency will probably be zero, full, and you will need certain drugs for sexual re-education, as well as total replacement therapy.Despite this, for those who don't want to take testosterone with Trenbolone Primobolan – the best way to cut it! Olichno drying course: Primobolan, testosterone and trenbolone acetate propianate. Another very good course without testosterone includes Primobolan (600-1000 mg per week) and Anavar (60-80 mg per day).



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