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The Tritren formulation is a composite material (mixture of trenbolone ester). Contains: trenbolone acetate, trenbolone enanthate and trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate. Such a combination of esters with different durations makes the drug very attractive because it quickly turns into a job, but due to the length of the ester it is long in the body. Simply put, the bottom is relatively flat. Like the traditional Tri-trenbolone, Tritren does not cause water retention in the body, it gives confidence in increasing muscle mass and improves the quality of supply indicators, which makes this drug attractive not for bodybuilding, but also for competitive sports.

Tritren – a mixture of trenbolone in a powerful steroid. In this anabolic composition contains substances like trenbolone acetate and enantanthate hexahydrobenzyl carbonate. Each of the esters are effective and solo courses so that athletes can achieve significant results. A mixture brings together the positive characteristics of each.

Athletes who pedal using power significantly increase muscle and strength, while fat burning and cortisol levels decrease with low hepatotoxicity of the drug.


Tritren appeared on the sports pharmacology market relatively recently, so individually the drug is not as well known as trenbolone ester.

The main effect after administration – a sharp increase in muscle mass, which does not give another course.Effects of the drug on the body clearly and duration of action. If the purpose of the course – the mass of the whole, then the best option would be just a triptych. The preparation course will allow, among other things, to increase power and performance, increase libido, burn accumulated fat, increase IGF levels. And all without liver complications and in the almost total absence of taste!

However, it should be understood that such a powerful drug cannot cause side effects. Prolonged reception of Tritrena can cause gynecomastia, improve oily skin, acne and the appearance of lesions, inhibiting the production of endogenous testosterone. Some athletes report having trouble sleeping and increasing pressure on the Tritrena course.

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