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PARABOLIN 1.5ml / 76.5mg Alpha Pharma Trenbolone Hexa
– Drug class: anabolic steroid (Trip-Hexa)
– Galenic form: solution for injection in ampoules
– Activity: 8 days
– Detection time in the body: 5 months
– Aroma: absent
– Effects on acne and liver function: no

The substance here is trenbolone, which has strong androgenic and anabolic effects, but its main characteristic is that it hardly aromatizes.

Parabolan is not conducive to the conversion of testosterone into estrogen, which does not cause feminization phenomena, and moreover there is no accumulation of water in the body. This is why it has become particularly popular with athletes before competition. Combined with the high protein diet, Parabolan provides very high quality muscle mass gains. The androgenic properties of the drug practically eliminate the offensive overtraining that accelerates the regeneration of muscle tissue. Another characteristic of this steroid is a huge increase in strength, especially when combined with a course of taking oxandrolone. Since the accumulation of water does not occur in the muscles, sudden weight gain is not observed, but there are a number of high-quality muscles. The combination of Parabolan with Winstrol allows you to build beautiful muscles while increasing strength.



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