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Pharmacological effects

Insulin is a specific saharoponizhayushim agent that has the ability to regulate carbohydrate metabolism, It improves the tissue uptake of glucose and facilitates its conversion into glycogen, also facilitating the entry of glucose into tissue cells.
In addition to the hypoglycemic effect (lowering blood sugar), insulin has many other effects: it increases glycogen in HGH – somatropin and stimulates the synthesis of peptides, reduces the consumption of proteins and others.
Effects accompanied by insulin stimulation or inhibition (suppression) of certain enzymes, stimulated glycogen, pyruvate dehydrogenase, hexokinase, inhibited adipose tissue lipoprotein lipase activating lipase to reduce "cloud formation" » serum after ingestion of high-fat foods.
The degree of biosynthesis and secretion (selection) depends on the concentration of insulin in blood glucose. With an increase in its content, insulin secretion by the pancreas is enhanced , In contrast, in the blood, insulin secretion slows down, reducing the concentration of glucose.
In the implementation of the effects of insulin main role played by its interaction with specific receptors, localized on the plasma membrane of cells, and the formation of insulinretseptorny complex. Insulin receptor in complex with insulin in the cell, where it influences cellular protein phosphorylation processes , Other intracellular reactions have finally been clarified.
Insulin is the main specific tool in the treatment of diabetes, it reduces hyperglycemia (increased blood sugar) and glycosuria (presence of sugar in the urine), adds glycogen deposition in the liver and muscles, reduces the formation of glucose, softens diabetic lipemia (the presence of fatty blood), improves the general condition of the patient.
Insulin for medical use obtained from the pancreas of cattle and pigs. It is a process of chemical synthesis of insulin, but malodostupen. Recently developed biotechnological methods for producing human insulin. Genetically engineered insulin completely matches the amino acid count of human insulin.
In cases where insulin is produced from the pancreas of animals in the various impurities, the preparation may be present due to insufficient purification (proinsulin, glucagon, samotostatin, proteins, polypeptides, etc.). Improperly cleared insulin supplements can cause various side reactions.

Modern techniques make it possible to obtain purified (monopikovye – purified by chromatography with allocation “peak” of insulin), highly purified (mono-component) and crystallized insulin preparations. Currently, insulin increases crystal utilization in humans. Insulin produced by porcine pancreas from animal insulin preparations is preferred.
The activity of insulin is determined by biological means (for the ability to lower blood sugar in healthy rabbits) and one of the physicochemical methods (by paper electrophoresis or paper chromatography). A unit of measure (ED) or an international unit (IU) under activity of 0.04082 mg of crystalline insulin.


The main indication for insulin is type I diabetes (insulin-dependent), but it is given in certain circumstances and in type II diabetes (insulin-dependent) peptide bodybuilding purchase

Insulin 100IU


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