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Anastrover – a non-steroidal anti-estrogen drug from the Moldavian pharmaceutical company Vermodje.

The main active ingredient – Anastrozol.

The drug is a third generation highly selective non-steroidal aromatase inhibitor. Used in medical applications in postmenopausal women: receiving Anastrover at a daily dose of 1ug, estradiol content reduced by 80% to 98%. At higher doses, the drug has androgenic and progestin activity, while having no effect on the production of cortisol and aldosterone, does not require taking corticosteroids as a replacement. Compared to aminoglugetimidom, Anastrover has a longer half-life and when used in small doses prevents feminization. The half-life of the active ingredient varies between 40 and 50 hours. However, approximately 10% of the used dose is excreted in the urine (including metabolites and excreted) together within 72 hours. The main metabolite is anastovian triazole, not antiaromataznoy activity.

Anastrover Reviews

Anastrover reviews, experienced athletes, show the usefulness of drug combination with finasteride or androgens (eg testosterone and Dianabol) to prevent gynecomastia. Athletes report effective suppression of estrogenic activity.

Negative reviews of Anastrovere are related to certain problems with the digestive (nausea, diarrhea, vomiting) and nervous (drowsiness, headache, asthenia) systems. Overall, Anastrozole from Vermodzhe is in great demand and no less popular than Tamoxifen, a more well-known aromatase inhibitor.



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