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Rexobol-10 (ACTION substance – Stanozolol) – anabolic steroids, which are purchased in the form of injection solutions and tablets. This drug is a synthetically made steroid which is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone. Stanozolol is approved for use by the FDA. Pharma Rexobol-10 is considered a progesterone antagonist. And yet, the drug does not protect nandrolone from progestin exposure. Pharma Rexobol-10 has high bioavailability (cannot be destroyed in the liver) because it relates to an alkyl group 17 in the alpha position – this is what makes 10 Pharma Rexobol toxic to the liver. Pharma Rexobol-10 is one of the safest steroids for a good half as it has low androgenic effects but the likelihood of virilization and masculinization.

Pharma Rexobol-10 Effects

Winstrol is in great demand for bodybuilding due to its original action – it differs from most effector steroids. The influence of the substance on weight gain is minimal – strengthening muscle prominence, increasing venous prorisovannost and burning body fat. Preparation for the survey is a great beneficial effect of Pharma Rexobol-10. Increased strength and endurance – helps achieve results in KDK and athletics. Increased appetite. Fat burning. The heart unnecessarily drains water from the body. According to the research results of Pharma Rexobol-10, when used at the rate of 0.2 mg per kilogram of athlete's body weight, it is possible to achieve a 50% decrease in the level of binding of anabolic hormones globulins.If you take Pharma Rexobol-10 together with other steroids, the effectiveness of the course increases.

Pharma Rexobol-10 Side Effects

The substance is not converted into estrogen, therefore it does not cause gynecomastia and edema. Pharma Rexobol-10 – just a safe steroid as side effects are rare. If the courses are optimally structured, they cannot appear. In addition, there may be pain in the joints. This product is not recommended for people with ligament or joint problems. The increase in blood pressure is eliminated by means of enalapril. May increase cholesterol levels by avoiding omega-3 fatty acids for the duration of the course. Winstrol is considered a derivative of DHT, the likelihood of minor androgenic acne, hair loss on the head, natural testosterone suppression. Liver toxicity only in tablet form is peculiar. Cardiac enlargement may occur with the use of high doses.



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