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Restaver – anabolic and androgenic steroid from the Moldavian pharmaceutical company Vermodje. The main active ingredient – Testosterone undecanoate. Product form – 20 capsule. 40 mg/pc. First of all, testosterone undecanoate was developed in the 80s. According to studies, the state of a steroid does not change with respect to liver enzymes, i.e. it does not is not toxic to the liver: absorption through the digestive tract is the active substance that enters the bloodstream, the lymph and furthermore the liver are bypassed (via the common lymph flow) – in the circulatory system. The Restaver prohormone transforms the body into the active metabolite of testosterone – dihydrotestosterone. It has no estrogenic activity (meaning – does not cause gynecomastia) and is not exposed to aromas. The oral form of testosterone does not significantly suppress endogenous hormone levels. However, as practice shows, the steroid is sufficiently weakly androgenic.

We take Restaver

The Restaver course is very popular with athletes who do not allow injections but require the use of testosterone. Restavera recommended dosage 240 mg per day. But each case is different. The fixed rate depends on experience in the use of AAS, physiological indications, contraindications, for sports purposes, etc. The safest regimen is to separate the daily requirement from several equivalent procedures: this maximizes the body's hormonal balance and reduces the risk of side effects. effects.

Reviews on Restaver

Athletes say the ease of use of the drug. Restaver reviews call it one of the best forms of oral testosterone. But at the same time, many athletes are appointed a lack of muscle hypertrophy. This may be due to the low dosage: proven that if the steroid is administered daily in a dose of less than 200 milligrams, it is ineffective.

Restaver reviews are often encountered by beginners. Usually, the testosterone tablet is the preserve of beginners with little knowledge in the field of pharmacology. Generally, the steroid has an inflated value for its non-expressive effects.



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