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Primobolan – the common name of the drug Methenolone enanthate. It is – a steroid that is naturally more anabolic than androgenic. Prima also occurs in the oral form, but the liver breaks down the drug, and therefore its effects are greatly attenuated by nealkilirovaniya 17 carbon atoms.

Primobolan Properties

Primobolan – a unique steroid that has the same properties as any other drug. Primobolan does not cause estrogenic side effects, which is a major advantage over other steroids. This means that acne, puffiness and other negative effects will not get used to anyone who gets used to it. So very good, very attractive compared to other steroids, for those who tend to have side effects. Due to the low water content, when used it is often more effective than other drugs. It is not only effective in binding due to the lower water level in the body, but also proves to be very helpful due to its anabolic nature, which has a positive effect on muscle development.

The only drawback of pollution, which is known for slow muscle growth (usually for the result trebuestya more than eight weeks). Due to the lack of swelling, the muscle growth that becomes visible when primo with very high quality meat, does not increase water retention. The muscles built up primo, improves, but does not increase as quickly as the use of other drugs.But make no mistake about it – although prima does not affect negatively, like other drugs, but postkursovaya treatment is still necessary, it is necessary to use Nolvadex or Clomid.

Prima many do not affect the effectiveness, but in some there is a decrease if not the use of the testosterone cycle. This usually happens when doing heavy weights for long training cycles. In such cases, when testosterone is not taken, you should use the appropriate drugs such as Viagra, Cialis, this may be necessary in case of potency problems. However, as stated earlier, for most people who take anabolic steroids, loss of libido is not associated with approx.



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