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The steroid appeared on sale in the late 50s of the last century. he was marked Dianabol (5mg tablets) and was the first in its class to make it widely available. In our time, it has been used as a sports doping for more than half a century, while until the end of the 1960s doping was not considered at all (at first only active stimulants such as ephedrine or amphetamine were included in this category).
Methandienone (slang methane) has a pronounced anabolic activity and moderate androgenic properties. It is often used in the medical field to compensate for impaired protein metabolism in the treatment of burns, injuries including fractures, and faster recovery after surgery. It is a hepatotoxic steroid, so it is not used for long. Also in sports, its use is usually limited to 6-8 weeks of lessons.

How to take Danabol

Danabol of course individually selected. The optimal dosage for men is 5-50mg per day for 7-8 weeks. If this is the first year, it is best to start with a minimum dose and duration of use. But regardless of the daily dose, it should be possible to "break". Danabol should be taken every 3-5 hours (this is its half-life) – it helps maintain hormonal balance at the same level throughout the day. Methandienone is toxic to the liver and is best taken after a meal.For a number of lean body mass (methandienone known to cause water retention in the body, "flooded" you), it is recommended to ingest stanozolol during the course. It is also very effective when combined with nandrolone, sustanon or testosterone.

Side effects

Today there is a lot of defamatory information about the reception of methandienone. Many authors also exaggerate its side effects, and on the contrary minimize the anabolic effects. In fact, when properly constructed naturally, and the inclusion of additional drugs, Danabol side effects – a rarity. The course is "thinned" from any estrogen, for example, tamoxifen or clomid. Most adverse events (hypertension, acne, hair loss, gynecomastia in men and masculinization in women, testicular atrophy) occur in athletes who do not significantly exceed the duration of the course and the dosage indicated in the instructions.



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