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The mastabol steroid drostanolone has moderate anabolic effects and high androgenic effects. Active ingredient: Drostanolone dipropionate.Chasche often used in bodybuilding (especially – in bodybuilding) to save selected muscle mass, increase elevation and muscle hardness.

Mastabol is a known drug from the British Dragon Pharmaceutical Company. The main active ingredient, steroidadrostanolone, has propionate fat burning properties and acts on the blood for a distance of 1-3 days after exposure. It is a safe drug that is not subject to taste, therefore it does not cause negative effects of estrogen. Its anabolic activity is 62% testosterone and androgen – 25%. Find a doping control within 14 days of the last injection. It is often used in preparation for a competition. Mastabol is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone and was originally used to treat breast cancer, but has become very popular in various types of sports, over time with bodybuilding and.

Mastabol Side Effects

Mastabol has little effect on the liver, it is non-addictive and has optimal androgenic effects. The optimal dosage for men is 300-500 ml per week. Women are allowed in doses between 25 and 30 ml per day. It is not necessary to overtake, since significant changes in the level of physiological parameters will not occur, but it will increase the likelihood of negative phenomena. Duration around 6 to 10 weeks, and sometimes 12 weeks can be high.It all depends on training level and goals. The side effect, subject to the dosage, is very rare.



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