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Sustaver 250 from Vermodje – AAC based on a mixture of different lengths of testosterone esters. It is often intended to be used as a base preparation for combined cycles. stock Sustanon is no different from the usual 'test', but it has a long-lasting effect that offers many advantages.
250mg of Sustavera contains 30mg of testosterone propionate, testosterone up to 6 milligrams and izokarpoata phenylpropionate and 100mg of testosterone decanoate. The development of such a formula was fraught with the fact that by itself testosterone propionate (the most popular form) has a very small period and its frequent injections are necessary. A testosterone blend escaped this drawback, as the slowest ester (decanoate) didn't start working until 10 days after injection. Thus maintained a constantly high blood level of the hormone.

Side effects

How to take sustaver Unfortunately, steroids aromatize very quickly on estradiol. Hence anti-estrogen drugs are needed (but if the minimum rate and low dosages it is possible to do without them). The use of Sustavera instructions contains the following possible side effects: increased body fat, gynecomastia, fluid retention in the body. Tamoksimed or Klomed, contained over time, had a 99% chance of preventing estrogenic side effects.Depending on the dosage of testosterone in the body, there is a possibility of acne, increased hair growth in baldness or vice versa, significant suppression of testosterone secretion by the body and decreased libido. With a balanced course, all of these side effects can be avoided.

Reviews on Sustaver

For the most part, Sustaver 250 Athlete reviews result in an excellent athletic and drug experience. All they talk about is getting the perfect weight using the drug, increasing power output and reducing body fat percentage. At the same time, get athletes to focus on the importance of the right steroid and point out that without Tamoxifen or Proviron included in the price, the risk of side effects increases dramatically.

Flask of Sustaver


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