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Clomiver – anti-estrogen drug from the Moldavian pharmaceutical company Vermodje. The main active ingredient – Clomiphene. Form of the product – pills in a package of 25 pieces. 50 mg/tablet Clomiphene is a selective estrogen receptor modulator. Agonistichekimi and has antagonistic properties, blocks the effects of estrogen in the body by binding to receptors. Clomiver blocks estrogen feedback to the hypothalamus (when receiving estrogen Clomid does not act on the pituitary and thus reduces the production of LH and FSH) and stimulates the production of GnRH. As a result of these processes, the pituitary produces large amounts of luteinizing hormone, which in turn increases the level of testosterone secretion by the test.

How to take

Clomiver, of course, is often made by men. The recommended dosage as a PKT preparation ranges from 50 to 150 milligrams. It all depends on the severity and evolution of the body's steroid physiology. On average, FCT takes about 2-3 weeks. As for women, receiving Klomivera is not recommended for professional athletes.

Clomiver Reviews

Many athletes use anti-estrogens on the course and as PCT and after receiving anabolic androgenic steroids. Clomiver reviews show the high potential of the drug in restoring endogenous testosterone levels. Usually, the normalization of the hormonal background of the body takes 3-4 weeks.

Reviews england pharmacy evidence of the effectiveness of ways to eliminate "kickbacks" at the end of AAS courses.



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